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Who are phatism ID?

phatism ID have been selling ID cards online since Jan 1999. We were the first internet only ID supplier and have grown rapidly to become one of the biggest suppliers in the UK. Our business grew out of a novelty ID template site that existed up to 1999 (EZ2BFree). We then responded to requests for fully made versions of our templates and phatism ID as you see it today began.

Phatism Limited is a UK private limited company established in January 2001, registration number 4134745. Our address is: Phatism LTD, Queen's Dock Commercial Centre, Norfolk Street, Liverpool, L1 0BG. This is the address for all orders, correspondence and returns.

What is novelty fake ID?

Novelty ID sites in the UK operate legally and produce novelty fake ID cards. While these may resemble ID cards available from institutions they are all completely unique designs, not copies. You are sold the card on the basis that you will not use it in any improper or illegal way.

The novelty fake ID industry began in Britain in 1989. At this time, novelty fake ID companies advertised for business solely in the classified sections of magazines and sold ID card kits for completion at home. At the end of the 1990's the novelty ID industry moved onto the internet.

phatism ID was launched in 1999. The cost efficient, internet only order method of phatism and the vastly better level of service (same day delivery rather than 28days or never) resulted in phatism growing quickly at the expense of the established companies. Six years on and we are still going strong.

Do prices include VAT? What is your VAT registration number?

All prices include VAT at 17.5%. Our VAT registration number is 786952856.

What is your returns / replacement policy?

  • We guarantee that you will receive a card so long as you manage to get both payment and a completed form to us.
  • If there is a mistake which is our fault on your card (e.g. mis-spelling, wrong photo/sig) then we guarantee you a free replacement card.
  • If we have received your form but the first card we send to you gets lost in the post then we will send a second identical card for free by Recorded Delivery.
  • If you are unhappy with print quality / hologram / etc (quality issues) then we will listen to your complaint and make a decision on the merit of your case. Our decision is final. We guarantee the card you receive will look just like the scans on our site.

You are responsible for making sure the form and payment get to us.

  • We strongly recommend using Recorded Delivery. If you use Recorded Delivery then almost nothing can go wrong since it guarantees that the form gets to us. The problems we do have usually involve customers sending cash orders by regular mail. We are not responsible if the package never gets to us. Please use Recorded Delivery or a more secure form of payment.


More information on price + payment can be found on our PRICE + PAYMENT page, which can be found under ORDER INSTRUCTIONS.

Why are your cards less expensive than the competition?

Because we don't advertise in magazines, print expensive catalogues, or waste money on flash web sites we are able to provide you with true value for money. We pride ourselves in providing the best cards at the lowest cost in the fastest time possible! We are one of the biggest suppliers in the UK. This goes to show that we are good at what we do and have the experience to be relied upon.

Our bigger order volume has now enabled us to progressively lower costs, meaning our cards are able to have all the best features (foil holograms, overlay holograms, mag strips, smartchips. etc) whilst being less expensive to the customer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • All major credit/debit cards.
  • Cash in ŁUK Pounds, €Euro and $Australian.
  • UK Postal Order.
  • ŁUK Cheque (all cheques add 1 week to processing time).
  • ŁUK Postal Order.

We DO NOT accept any non-UK postal orders or cheques! This includes Euro postal orders. Your order will be sent straight back to you if you send non-UK postal orders or cheques.

What do I put on my Postal Order/Cheque?

Please make all cheques/postal orders payable to Phatism Limited.

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards via a 128bit SSL secure processing facility.


Have a problem with the credit/debit card payment page?

Please email us on . We are able to process refunds, check if your payment went through, locate payments. etc. Email us and we'll sort it out.

Can I send coins in the post?

Yes, but please read our advice on doing it. Just dropping coins into an envelope will not work! The coins will smash their way out! Please read our ADVICE ON SENDING COINS IN THE MAIL.


More information on delivery can be found on our POSTAGE page, which can be found under ORDER INSTRUCTIONS.

When will my card arrive?

We despatch all orders on the day we receive the order form and have the capacity to easily process and print as many orders as come in. If the post works as it should then an order form sent to us from the UK should take 1-2days to get to us and the card should take 1-2days to get back to you. So the typical total time from you posting the form to you getting the card back is 3-4days.

Due to the high number of people trying to bounce cheques on us, we have now introduced a 1 week wait on all orders paid for by cheque (so the cheques must clear BEFORE we send out the order). If you want your card as fast as possible please pay using either Cash or UK Postal Order.

Postage and packing is by First Class post (UK) and airmail (the rest of the world) and cost is included in all prices.

What does the envelope the ID arrives in look like?

If you order only one card then your card will come in a standard plain white envelope with a hand written address. See picture 1 below. If you order more than one card then your card will come in a plain white padded envelope (Jiffy bag) with a hand written address. See picture 2 below.


<< One card ordered.


<< More than one card

Do you ship to the USA?

No! We will not ship any cards to the USA. If you send an order from the USA we reserve the right to charge an admin charge of Ł5 and the full cost of return postage.

I can't print the order form, what do I do?

Please contact us with your name, address and card required and we will send a form to you.

Can I get next day return if paying by cheque?

ALL cheque orders are subject to a one week wait. So if you pay by cheque it is not really worth paying for Special Delivery since your order will be subject to a one week wait regardless. If you do pay for Special Delivery then your card will get sent out by Special one week after we receive the order form.


Do your cards have holograms?

Some of our cards have holograms, some don't. On the right card, we think that holograms increase the realism of the ID considerably. Rather than use a generic hologram design on all cards, our cards use two different types of hologram and three hologram designs. Our holograms are unique to phatism cards.

Do you make any other ID (particularly US state driver's licenses)?

No. The only ID's you will get off us are the ones on this site.

Some of the card pictures have old dates (e.g. 2004), what dates will my card have?

Please CLICK HERE to see the current dates on our cards and the schedule for updating them.

Can you custom design cards?

If you see a card you like the look of on another site or have a good idea for a new card then please contact us and we will look at adding a similar card to our range. If we decide to make a card and put it on sale to the general public there could be good money in it for you. We will not copy any official card or anything that would contravene copyright or be illegal!

Do I have to put my real date of birth/address/phone number on the card?

No, since the cards are for novelty purposes only you can give us any details you want.

What size should the photo be?

A passport sized photo is prefered but we can deal with any size. Make sure that you are clearly visible and facing the front against a plain and preferably white background.

Any hints on getting a good signature scan?

Sign in thin black felt tip pen. Generally speaking, a felt pen thickness signature comes out much better than a pencil/ballpoint pen signature.

Can I email you a scan of my photo/signature?

We do not usually accept scans of photo's/signatures. This is so we can make sure that the all cards are produced to the highest quality with good scans using our own quality scanners.


Why can you do this? Isn't it illegal?

We sell novelty cards for novelty use only. Before we will make you a card you must read the terms and conditons of purchase (terms are here) and then sign the order form to signify your acceptance of them.

Can I link to the phatism website?

Yes! Please link to us from your website, forums, blogs... The more pages that link to us, the higher our position in search engines. We can offer free or discounted cards if you link to us. See our DISCOUNTS page for details.

What guarantees are there that I get my card?

We are governed by the same laws as any other mail order business in the UK. We strive to satisfy all our customers and the fact that we have been doing this for the last six years shows our reputation to be very good.


Please email to ask about listing in this section.

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phatism ID offer a free novelty fake ID card template to download via our free template site This template represents a part of the beginnings of phatism ID on the internet. It was designed in 1997 and posted onto the web as part of the, now defunct, resource site for the hard to find, 'EZ2BFree'. In response to requests for ready-made versions of our templates, phatism ID began producing cards as it does today.

No phatism ID cards for sale have ever been designed in Microsoft Word and non are available to download (before you ask!).

Copyright Phatism Limited 1999-2006. All Rights Reserved.